I want to apply for a home loan. What will Dwyer Mortgage Concepts do for me?

Mike Dwyer will arrange to meet with you, saving you the time and inconvenience of visiting banks and lenders to find the right home loan. Mike will look at your financial situation, determine exactly what you want from your home loan and strive to find you the best product to suit your needs.

How much does it cost?

In most cases we will not charge you anything for our professional service, as in the majority of cases we are paid by the lender.

I work during the day and can’t get into your office. How will I arrange an appointment?

Mike Dwyer is happy to meet with you whenever is convenient, anywhere, whether it be in the evening after work, at home, at your workplace or over the phone or via email. Our job is to make getting a loan as easy for you as possible!

I don’t understand how loans, mortgages and interest rates work.

Mike will explain every part of the process to you. Many of our clients choose our services because they don’t feel confident negotiating with the banks and want someone to do so on their behalf. Our aim is to make sure you understand and are satisfied with the terms of your loan.

Will I get the pick of all the latest products and a variety of lenders?

We are accredited with more than 20 well-recognised and mainstream lenders. You can rest assured that with Dwyer Mortgage Concepts you will have access to the loan products that most suit your needs.

I want to own my own home as soon as possible.

We will find the best product for you whilst showing you how to minimise your interest and fees. We will work together with you to devise a workable family budget, out of which we will suggest a mortgage reduction plan that will help you own your home sooner.

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