The Company Principal

Mike Dwyer has been in the Banking and Finance industry since 1963. He has a broad knowledge of lending processes having commenced his lending career in 1969. In 1996 he left the Bank to further his career in the finance industry as a broker.

Since 1996 he has dealt extensively with the residential market and is happy to advise clients on loan structuring when arranging their finance.

My personal commitment is to exceed your expectations by delivering the highest standard of knowledge and service. Yes I will ask you to refer family and friends to us and we know that this will only happen if you are 100% totally satisfied with what we do for you. Around 90% of our business comes from referrals by our existing clients, something we are extremely proud of. So put us to the test and let us arrange for your finance today!

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Core Services

  • Home Loans

    HOME LOANS – Variable, Fixed, Split, Honeymoon, Basic, Professional Packages and Equity Lines of Credit. Also construction loans available, we’ll show you the process and how progress payments work.

  • Investment Loan/Negative Gearing

    INVESTMENT LOANS/ NEGATIVE GEARING – Are you getting the best out of your investment loan? Is the loan structured correctly? Ask an expert to be sure that you are.

  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation

    REFINANCING/DEBT CONSOLIDATION – Generally to get a better deal, consolidate existing debts or to get a feature that your existing lender doesn’t provide. We’ll do all this with minimal fuss or concern.

  • Mortgage Reduction

    MORTGAGE REDUCTION and MORTGAGE OFFSET – Make your money work smarter. We’ll show you how to structure and make your money work for you, so you’re not made to work harder for your mortgage.

  • Relocation Home Loans

    RELOCATION HOME LOANS – Want to build or buy your next home but don’t want to sell your existing home yet? We have lenders that specialise in this sort of finance enabling you to gain approval and build or move into your new home before selling your existing home. We will help you find the loan to meet your needs and achieve your dream.

  • Wealth Creation

    WEALTH CREATION – Are you creating wealth for your future, or just gambling on your superannuation or the pension? We’ll show you what the smart investors are doing!

  • Poor Credit History

    POOR CREDIT HISTORY – If you have a poor credit history don’t despair. We have products available for everyone.

  • Deposit Bonds

    DEPOSIT BONDS – We offer deposit bonds allowing you to exchange contracts on your purchase without having to outlay a 10% deposit upfront.

  • Income and Mortgage Protection

    INCOME & MORTGAGE PROTECTION – We offer access to various insurance solutions to ensure that you are sufficiently covered under all circumstances